Converter type C3

This is just an overview sheet.
If you are interested and want a detailed data sheet, then just send us an email and you will receive a pdf.

Electrobrick the flexible electronic module

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Current / Voltage Converter


  • Non isolated, well priced converters for industrial standard current 0..20mA or 4..20mA. Converts to 0..10V
  • In Electrobrick plug-and-play enclosures (same shape as the common industrial relays).
  • Compact, flexible and easily exchanged. Delivered on a DIN rail socket with quality screw terminals (standard or low-cost).
  • Available without socket, for direct PCB mounting or for customer's choice of socket.
  • With instrumentation amplifier for "floating input" (end side does not need to be tied to 0V, good if several inputs or instruments are put in serie or disturbed by a common mode voltage)
  • With low pass filter for suppression of 50-60 Hz and other noise.
  • Current present (CP) diagnostic output
    (4-20mA version).
  • Wide supply voltage range.
  • On request: converters for other input current, for voltage input, higher accuracy, other output voltage, higher common mode voltage

Available accessories

  • Labels, jumpers, LED modules

standard version

low-cost version

Modules without
(bottom view)

block diagram
(pin numbers preliminary)


Order numbers*: C5-0-20mA-0-10V C5-4-20mA-0-10V

* Sockets: C5..= on standard DIN rail socket, C5E..= with low-cost socket included, C5M..= only module without socket

Example: C5E-4-20mA-0-10V (4-20mA to 0-10V converter with low-cost socket)